Terms of Reference of ILP


ILP Bureau
(Email: secretariat-ILP@gfz-potsdam.de)

Executive Members:

H. Thybo Turkey      President
M. Liu U.S.A.   Secretary General

A. Tibaldi

Italy   Chairperson - Committee of National Representatives
K. Asch Germany   IUGS
H. Gupta India   IUGG

S. Cloetingh       


Past President
A. Green* Switzerland   Honorary President

* Alan Green was appointed "Honorary President of the ILP" in spring 2008, for his merits in the organization and sustainment of the ILP.


Advisory Board:

Ö. Adiyaman Lopes      UNESCO

S. Dong                      China

C. Ebinger                   U.S.A.

D. Mueller                    Australia

H. Sato                       Japan



J.F.W. Negendank         Germany


Lifetime Members:

H. Gupta                      India

M. von Knorring            Sweden

P. Ziegler                      Switzerland deceased 2013

P. Hart                         USA deceased 2008