Theme I: The Geoscience of Global Change

I-1:    Paleo-Map

I-2:    Space Geodesy and Global Sea Level, Chairman: S. Zerbini (Italy)

I-3:    Methane Hydrate: Global Distribution and Geological Processes,  Chairperson: M. Tanahashi (Japan)

I-4:    New tectonic causes of volcano failure and possible premonitory signals, Chairperson: A. Tibaldi (Italy),  (Task Force II, 2005 - 2009)  

Theme II: Contemporary Dynamics and Deep Processes

I-0:    Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program (GSHAP), Chairperson: D. Giardini (Switzerland)

II-1:    World Stress Map, Chairperson: Friedemann Wenzel (Germany)

II-1:    Temporal and Spatial Change of Stress and Strain, Chairperson: O. Heidbach (Germany), (Task Force VII, 2005 - 2009)

II-2:    World Map of Major Active Faults Eastern Hemisphere, Chairman: V. Trifonov (Russia)Western Hemisphere, Chairman: M. Machette (USA)

II-3:    Paleoseismicity of the Late Holocene, Chairman: R. Yeats (USA)

II-4:    Three-Dimensional Modelling of the Earth's Tectosphere, Chairman: F. Schwab (USA)

II-5:    Earthquake Recurrence Through Time (1997 - 2001), Chairperson: D. Pantosti (Italy)

II-5:    Global and regional parameters of paleoseismology; implications for fault scaling and future earthquake hazard, Chairperson: P. M. De Martini (Italy), (Task Force V, 2005 - 2009)

II-6:    Mantle Plumes, Hot Spots and Geodynamics of Continental Rifting and Break-Up (1998 - 2002), Chairperson: U. Achauer (France)

II-6:    Baby plumes in Central Europe, Chairperson: U. Achauer (France), (Task Force VIII, 2005 - 2009)

II-7:    Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative (EMI), Chairperson: F. Bendimerad (USA)

II-8:    Global Strain Rate Map, Chairperson: E. Holt (USA)

II-9:    Global Earthquake Potential, Chairperson: D. Jackson (USA)

II-10:  Ultra-Deep Continental Crust Subduction (UDCCS), Chairperson: Larissa Dobrzhinetskaya (Russia), (Task Force IV, 2005 - 2009)  

Theme III: Continental Lithosphere

III-1:    Global Geoscience Transects (GGT), Chairman: A. Jayko (USA)

III-2:    Origin of Sedimentary Basins, Chairperson: S. Cloetingh (Netherlands)

III-2:    Sedimentary Basins, Chairperson: F. Roure (France), (Task Force VI, 2005 - 2009)

III-4:    Processes in the Lithosphere as Reflected in Integrated Petrological and Geophysical Studies, Chairman: S. Sobolev (Russia)

III-5:    Dynamics of the Subcontinental Mantle: From Seismic Anisotropy to Mountain Building, Chairman: A. Vauchez (France)

III-6:    Ultrahigh-Pressure Metaorphism and Geodynamics in Collision-Type Orogenic Belts, Chairman: Cheng Yuqi

III-7:    Global Impact Studies Project, Chairperson: V. L. Sharpton (USA)

III-8:    Processes and Geodynamics in the Formation and Exhumation of Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Terrain, Chairperson: J. Liou (China)

III-9:    Earth Accretionary Systems (in space and time) (ERAS), Chairperson: P. Cawood (Australia), (Task Force I, 2005 - 2009)

III-10:   Lithosphere-Astenosphere Interactions, Chairperson: A. Tommasi (Italy), (Task Force III, 2005 - 2009)  

Theme IV: Oceanic Lithosphere

IV-2:    The Ocean-Continent Lithosphere Boundary, Chairman: M. Talwani (USA)

IV-3:    Hydrogeology of the Oceanic Lithosphere, Chairperson: H. Elderfield (United Kingdom)

see III-10  

Coordinating Committees

(CC) CC-1/5: DynaQlim, (2007 - 2011), Chairperson: Markku Poutanen (Finland)

CC-1/4: TOPO-CENTRAL-ASIA, (2007 - 2011), Chairperson: Qingchen Wang (China) 


"4D Topographic Evolution in Central Asia: Lithosphere Dynamics and Environmental Changes since Mesozoic"Chairman: Qingchen Wang; Co-Chairmen: Shigenori Maruyama, Boris Natal'in, Yan Chen abstract full text

"Upper Mantle Dynamics and Quaternary Climate in Cratonic Areas"Chairman: Markku Poutanen